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Welcome to Study in Chongqing China!

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  • Registration

1. Registration Date: You may refer to your Enrollment Notice

2. Venue of Registration: International Students Office, Room 229 in Office Building, CNU

3.Documents needed for registration:
        →Admission Notice (original and 1 copy)
 JW202 Form (original)
Valid passport and visa (original and 4 copy)

Passport size photos (4 pieces)

Diploma / certificate (students who study for a degree)

All students should register on the designated day of registration. You are not encouraged to arrive in China too early. For earlier entry, no earlier than a week before the registration dates is acceptable.

4. Registration Steps for International Students

Step 1: Documents needed for registration

Admission Notice and Scholarship certificate (original and 1 copy)

JW201/ JW202 Form (original)

Valid passport and visa (original and 4 copies)

Passport size photos (4 pieces)

Diploma / certificate (students who study for a degree)

Step 2: Get the documents

 Registration Steps for International Students

Matters needed after registered

Instruction to opening a bank account

Chongqing Normal University Welcome Guide and Handbook

International student Registration Information Form

Payment list (pay in the Finance and Accounting Division, a payment receipt will be required for self-founded and CNU President Scholarship students)

Residence Permit Application Form


Step 3: Sign and hand in the following documents

1Check the personal information and sign the documents

2Pay fees and bring back the payment receipt (self-founded and CNU President Scholarship students)

3Submit International Student Registration Information Form (check and ask a copy back to register to your college)

4Sign Residence Permit Application Form

Step 4: Collect photo information (take photos for applying a campus card)

5. Post-registration matters for international students

1Register phone number, submit bank receipt and bank account number

2Get student ID and Campus Card

3Scholarship students are required to check individual scholarship information and register at the International Student Office in accordance with the follow-up notice.

4Upon completion of the registration at the International Student Office, the new student shall present the copy (sealed) of the International Student Registration Information Form to the college, complete the course selection and purchase textbook.

5The International Student Office will organize the freshmen to apply for residence permit. Please read the following notes in advance.

A: Register in local police station   

Get an Application Form(sealed) from International Students Office in advance.

B:Body Check

Please gather on time with passport, 3 photos and CNY400 and without taking breakfast. Take the original body check report if you have been checked in your country.

C: Take visa photo

Visa photo which costs CNY30 is needed for students with X1 visa. Please take dark colored clothes.

D:Orientation & Residence Permit Interview

Please take your passport 

We have set up the CNU international students' group through We chat. New students can be invited by old students to join in, so that they can get the latest information in time. Purchasing life items, getting familiar with campus, buying mobile phone SIM cards, opening bank account will be arranged by the international student union.