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1、Confucius Institutes are widely distributed and strong Chinese teachers.

        Chinese international education realize the layout of the five continents, in the United States, Britain, Rwanda, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and other countries to hold "Chinese teachers college", "Confucius institute" with the Ministry of Education for the record of three country (region) research center, three times won the title of "advanced Confucius institute Chinese partners. 

  At the same time, our school is the National Training Base for Chinese Language Promotion International (Chongqing), the "Chongqing Training Base for Chinese Language Promotion International", the Chinese Language Education Base and the National Vocational Education Teacher Training Base of the Ministry of Education, with the profound foundation of Chinese language teachers.

       2、HSK testpoint.

   Our school is the test center of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and Spoken Chinese Proficiency Test (HSKK). The written test of Chinese Proficiency Level 1-6 will be held in April, May, June, October and December every year, and the spoken Chinese test will be held in May, October and December.

      3、Comprehensive discipline construction and equal attention to teaching and research.

          In our university, there are 17 second-level colleges, 76 undergraduate programs, 25 first-level disciplines authorized for master's degree, 14 specialties authorized for master's degree and 1 first-level discipline for doctor's degree.It has 2 first-class disciplines of Chongqing Municipality, 14 key disciplines of the 13th Five-Year Plan at the municipal level, and 2 "artificial intelligence +" discipline groups. There are six major subject groups: Mathematics and Information Science, Museum Science and Art Culture, Life Science and Green Ecology, Intelligent Materials and New Energy, Regional Economy and Industrial Development, Teacher Education and so on.

   In addition, our school has 62 provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms, led by ourschool to win the first batch of the National Center for Applied Mathematics and the Key Laboratory of Optimization and Control of the Ministry of Education.Over the years, many major breakthroughs have been made in the construction of mathematics.

          He has also performed well in Chongqing Anti-Japanese War literature and history research, animal bone micromark archaeology, educational decision-making consultation, independent research and development of new hybrid rice varieties and other scientific research field.

       4、Beautiful environment and rich book resources.                           School beautiful environment, good conditions for offering education, is a national model green unit, school art education advanced unit, chongqing civilized unit, chongqing civilized campus, advanced collective moral education work, surrounding transportation convenient, variety of modes of travel, have Shared bus, subway, bicycle moped, and other vehicles, known as "nearest subway colleges and universities, the furthest away from the hustle and bustle of the garden".

        The library collection of the university is rich, with more than 2.6 million paper books, 54 databases, 2.2 million full-text electronic books and periodicals, more than 4 million electronic books that can be read by document transfer, and 150,000 hours of audio and video capacity.